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Sweetie's Jurnal. Banner. by fonypan

Sweetie's Jurnal. Icon. by fonypan

I have started my own tumblr comic
Drosera by fonypan

I have started my own tumblr comic . 
This is a project I started to improve my drawing skills.

Follow Drosera as she lazily floats about in her swamp.

She spends most days waiting in her swamp for something tasty to wander close so she can lure it close for a snack.

She will eat you if she traps you. Especially ponies.
Even better if its a small one. Those are the tastiest.

She’s not evil, just hungry.

Her eyes are slitted like that of a cat.
Her hide secretes a natural glue that will stick to anything that isn’t wet.
And her mane resembles the colour and consistency of boiled spinach.
I know, sexy, right?

I got pulled over for riding my bicycle on the sidewalk and got a ticket.

I now owe California $500 I don't have for minding my own business.

Can you please donate money here so I don't go to prison?
I have been searching for a job for a while now. But I need money to get my car running and on the road so that I can get a job. Will you help me by going here and donating some money? Even as little as a single cent would be highly appreciated.
In case you didn't know, :iconnowacking: has a Facebook fan page now, so I invite you all to do what you do here.
The NSFW blog issue at hoof seems to be greater than we thought. is under threat by Google.

More information here:…

Eating applesauce and drinking water is weird. Like, I'm thirsty so why are you reprimanding me for drinking water, applesauce? Makes it taste bleeeeeh.

~Jessi Nowack 
Jessi Nowack AKA "Nowacking" :iconnowacking: has Favorited and commented on my crappy MS paint doodle of her original character named Encore. I am so hopped up on joy right now I'd make any dope user seem calm. I can't express my absolute happiness at the moment in any spoken or written tongue... Well I guess I could say I'm happy. But more than merely happy. I have been recognized by a celebrity, who I adore. I could die happy now. my life is far from being anywhere near complete, but this is plenty good enough for me.

Mortality: A Community Written Story.

The story…

The Group…

Would you know anyone that would be interested in this?

My Blog…

The Story…

This may be a different approach to a story.
My idea is a community written story, each chapter will be collaborated by any writer who feels interested.